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Stakeholder Advisory Committee Commitment Form

The City of Atlanta is beginning the process of updating its Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). This is an interesting and dynamic period in the City’s history. Our new transportation plan, Atlanta's Transportation Plan will be an essential part of insuring Atlanta is more successful as the city becomes a more urban place. This new CTP will be a critical element of implementing our Atlanta City Design Project, currently underway. In order to find the most dedicated advisors, a committee of stakeholders is being openly recruited from the community. The Department of Planning and Community Development is seeking Stakeholder Advisory Committee members.

Applicants for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee should be dedicated to advancing Atlanta as a national model for transportation, and be willing to take on a leadership role. We are especially looking for people of all ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and professional experiences. Interested persons may apply by submitting the form below. Stakeholder Advisory Committee members will be notified by phone and/or email.

By submitting this Stakeholder Application, you commit to helping the City of Atlanta successfully develop the Atlanta Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will meet three times at project milestones and ensure that all goals and community concerns are addressed. We understand that your role as a Stakeholder will be voluntary, but successful participation will include the following commitments:

Stakeholder Commitments

  • Routinely attend Atlanta’s Transportation Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings and general public meetings
  • Act as a communication link between the City of Atlanta and relevant stakeholders, both public and private
  • Actively seek out and represent the broadest needs and concerns of your constituents and community of service
  • Provide strategic direction and input on key issues, project opportunities, and critical constraints
  • Represent Atlanta’s Transportation Plan to the community and act as a source of project information

Stakeholder Advisory Committee Commitment Form

Please provide the following information:


Phone (Home/Cell):

Address (Street):

Phone (Work):

Address (City, State, Zip):



Please indicate whether you represent yourself, an organization, neighborhood, or business and whether it is inside or outside the Atlanta city limits:

Please indicate the approximate number of people you represent:

Please provide information about your background, commitment to transportation, and any relevant experience or community groups you are involved with (200 word max):

Why do you want to become a member of the Stakeholder Committee (200 word max)?

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